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Happiness In The Small Things

I was in a certain shop today, which was hosting an everything-must-go sale. I was amazed at the prices of the books. Most of them were £2 to £4! I grabbed six books on yoga, meditation and mindfulness and headed to the counter before I picked up any more. I waited a couple of minutes for the lady in front to pay and then stepped up to the desk. The assistant’s hand was extended to me and in it was a 20% off voucher. I was unsure what she was doing with it as she wasn’t looking in my direction. ‘Here, take it,’ she whispered and I saw her eyes darting around, making sure that no one was looking. I took the voucher, unsure of what to make of the situation. My thoughts immediately went to wondering if it was legal. Is this some form of stealing, I wondered. I always run through my values when making a decision prior to an action. The assistant read out the total amount to be just over £13. I asked for a carrier bag and she said she wasn’t going to charge me for it. I was astonished. I had paid a very little amount for quite a few books and hadn’t been charged 5p for the carrier bag. I said, ‘thank you very much,’ and left. On reflection, I believe the assistant gave me the extra amount out off of kindness. I received another voucher which will definitely be spent. I walked out with a smile on my face that warmed me up for hours. It’s still making me feel happy now, just thinking about it. It has made my day.

So, I will repay this lady by passing on the small act of kindness to another and hopefully they, or you, will be inspired to do the same. You could make someone’s day turn from bad to good just by helping them out. Kindness is one of the most valuable gifts you can give. 

Twenty-Third Day Of Blogmas // Farewell 

I’m really tired today! Just one more day until I am off work. Every year when it comes around I wish I wasn’t working this week so next year I will take a whole week off. I’d much rather be at home watching Christmas movies than working my butt off just to get done a little earlier.

I don’t like the couple of days before Christmas when I’m working and I don’t like how much I really want it to be Christmas Day. Time just seems to get slower on these last two days! Gah!

I’m sorry that I don’t have anything interesting to say today. After work tomorrow I am having to drive my sister home, which takes 45 minutes one way, so I’m going to be shattered and not available to write a blog post. Therefore, this will be my last Blogmas post. Thankfully, that is. It hasn’t been all bad but I’ve definitely lost sleep because of it.

I wish you health and happiness and a very merry Christmas! 

Twenty-Second Day Of Blogmas // Best Christmas As A Teen + What I Am Doing This Year

I like freedom a lot and I don’t value tradition that highly. I’m not one to create rules and I like to not be held down by too many plans either. So one Christmas was particularly memorable because we did our own thing. It was just my Mum, my sister and I. I wasn’t big on Christmas dinner and neither was Mum. So she asked me what food I actually wanted and we had tomato soup and bread to dip in. That was one of my favourites until it started giving me acid reflux. I had also bought my mum two Megadeth CDs and we actually listened to them whilst we were eating lunch.

It was different, chilled and really nice. I do like to spend more time around my family at Christmas but on the actual day I like nothing more than just spending it with Carl and Jasper (my dog). It makes it just about us. There are no obligations and we can do exactly what we want to do. That was what this Christmas was like. Stress free, unchaotic and full of freedom. That’s one thing I love about my Mum. She has always given me a lot of freedom.

I can’t wait to see Carl opening his presents from me. I can’t even write what I got because I don’t want to spoil them for him but I’m really excited as I put effort into them. I also can’t wait to see what my presents are. I’ve been feeling them and can guess a few, like DVDs, but can’t figure out exactly what I’ve got. 

I feel like a little kid swept up into the magic of Christmas! I’ve been feeling way more optimistic about life recently and Christmas falls into that category. I’m also really looking forward to the new year. I have lots of ideas for my blog and my book that I am (slowly) writing. It’s about a journey so in order to write it I need motivation that comes from experiences that I have! So much to look forward to. I’m even going on holiday next year and it’s our 5 year anniversary in June. 

I’ll stop babbling now and get some sleep! 3 more sleeps and 2 more days at work to go! x

Twenty-First Day Of Blogmas // Vegan Cakes, Being Accepted And Quote 3/3

Today’s quote is really true for me:

‘Christmas! The very word brings joy to our hearts. No matter how we may dread the rush, the long Christmas lists for gifts and cards to be bought and given, when Christmas Day comes there is still the same warm feeling we had as children, the same warmth that enfolds our hearts and our homes.’ -Joan Winmill Brown


At work our manager put a huge box of sweets and chocolates together for everyone. There were large Toblerones, tubes of Fruit Pastilles and stuff like that. Nothing I could eat. I was surprised when she handed me an envelope. She said someone had told her that I didn’t eat dairy (I assumes they told her I was vegan). So I got a Santa Mini Moo and some jelly beans. I had to look up the jelly beans to see if they were vegan. They were by Jelly Belly. They don’t contain gelatin and they are vegetarian but they do contain beeswax, which makes them so shiny and smooth on the outside. Still, I took them home and gave them to Carl. I’m not complaining. I know it’s hard to know what to look out for when you aren’t vegan yourself.

I was actually really happy as I don’t expect it at all. When someone brought in some Christmas biscuits they also brought in some Oreos for me. When someone made a chocolate sleigh, they made sure they had dark chocolate as well as milk. When that same person made fairy cakes, they made them vegan. When someone who is lactose intolerant made a yule log, they made it fully vegan so the other vegan and I could also eat it. Everything vegan that others have brought in has been really tasty. It feels really good that people don’t want to leave us vegans out. Other people ate the cakes as well and they all said they were really good!

I’m feeling very grateful right now. When I first decided to become vegan in February, I was worried that people wouldn’t accept me. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? It’s made me less afraid to share my values with others. It’s wonderful.

I was a little late writing this post but I will again make sure to write another one tonight! x

20th Day Of Blogmas // How I’m Doing, Spirituality + Quote 2/3


I will begin with today’s Christmas quote. I like this one a lot. It’s a really sweet concept.

‘I wish we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month.’ – Harlan Miller

Today was a good day. I was at work and had a good day?! I know, I need to sit down! People were in a good mood. Even I was in a good mood, once I’d woken properly. I think it has a little to do with Christmas but more to do with me thinking more positively and trying not to focus on the bad, without forcing myself to feel happy. Yeah, it’s complicated. I just spoke really nicely to myself and tried to support myself. I was recently getting increasingly stressed, as I often do, and hit a point where I couldn’t take anymore, as I always do, and decided to try something new.

I am also reading a new book called The Celestine Prophecy. I haven’t gotten all that far but it’s really making me think about life and purpose but in a good way and not in the way that leads me to having a weekly existential crisis. I can’t wait to learn more. I am really getting into spirituality. Previously, it was an illogical thing that I didn’t think truly existed but after yoga, meditation, therapy and a lot of reading, I’ve been experiencing things that I haven’t before. Things that make life worth living because there is more than just working to live and suffering. I let myself suffer. It’s becoming very clear to me. It’s something that I didn’t even notice for most of my life. I am actually enjoying getting older. I’m learning more about myself everyday and experiencing new things internally. I’m growing as a person in ways I never thought possible to me. The reasons behind my bad moods are becoming more obvious.

I’m also trying not to dwell on the things I lack in my life. I still have dreams but I am not seeing them as things I don’t have right now but things I can have one day and I’m trying to be okay with where I am now.

So that’s where I am today. Not a very Chrismas-y post but I wanted to share how I am feeling. Five days to go! I am truly excited! x

19th Day Of Blogmas // Christmas Every Other Year? + Quote 1/3

It’s getting really close now! I’m just happy because working around Christmas often means we get to go home a little earlier!

I was tagged to do the 3 day Christmas quote challenge a few days ago and thought I’d start each post with a quote. So todays is:

‘Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful,’ – Norman Vincent Peale

Ah, how lovely!


We all know a human grumpy cat.

Today at work someone said that we should have Christmas every other year instead and a couple of others agreed. It made me sad that they don’t enjoy Christmas. Perhaps they don’t like to spend time with their family or they just don’t like to spend money. Or perhaps they just don’t like the hassle of it or have had too many bad Christmases. The truth is you can make it how you want it. You define it how you want it to be, whether you have had a bad experience or a good. Whether you want to go all out or not, it’s up to you. That’s the way I look at it anyway. I’ve often not felt bothered about it so I can sympathise a little but this year I have made it a priority to be Christmas positive and it has paid off so far. I used to see a large build up for just one day. Now I see an enjoyable season. I used to see a time where family interaction was forced. Now I see a time to catch up and relax with relatives, as I have always chosen to visit them. It was never forced. But, hey, maybe that’s just me.

I am starting to plan ahead for the next year. So far I am planning a holiday with Carl, going to see Aerosmith on their last tour at Download Festival, yoga classes (they start back 9th Jan), changing the dates of my outgoing payments, deciding when I am going to have annual leave and lots of other things. I just want to get everything organised in preparation for the new year. It’s nearly 2017!

I hope that you are having a lovely Monday and are getting excited for the weekend. x

Eighteenth Day Of Blogmas // What I Bought At Winter Wonderland

A little late as I truly forgot to post yesterday. 6.30 am still counts as the previous day I think! As said I didn’t buy much at Winter Wonderland on Saturday. It’s not about the things you buy it’s about the experience you have, right? My experience was amazing. Plus I have cut down on my spending recently so I only purchased things I really love. Here are the few things that I did buy.

This book was reduced from £14 to £9. It’s a handmade blank notebook with thick sheets of paper and binding, as you can see at the side. It’s lovely and the print is just to my taste.

I bought this candle for £4. I thought it was pretty and it now sits on my desk. It’s purely ornamental though – there’s no way I’m burning a candle that is shaped like a flower.

I got this alpaca wearing a hat from the cutest Japanese stall. All the toys were super cute and nothing like the ones you get here. I couldn’t leave without buying one without hurting my insides. It currently resides on the Christmas tree! 

I’ll be back with another post tonight! X